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"First Class Recreational Marijuana Dispensary"

Have you ever bought weed from an empty parking lot or a dark alley? We understand that some years ago, that was the only way to access recreational marijuana. However, now you can walk into a Pueblo West dispensary and buy your weed in broad dayli...

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How Can I Get A Smoker’s High Without Smoking Cannabis?

Smoking is typically the most common method of marijuana use. However, other users love the high minus the after breath and the effect on the lungs. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get high without necessarily smoking. With the hel...

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"Top Things You Should Know About Marijuana"

The process of purchasing marijuana at a Pueblo West recreational dispensary such as Cannasseur Pueblo West is overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. You need to be aware of the state's regulations and the dispensary that best suits your need...

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How To Shop For Weed

Each day every year, some first-timer walks into a cannabis dispensary. Theirs is one thing that most beginners have in common; regardless of their use before this moment, they all share a sense of unfamiliarity. Purchasing marijuana from Pueblo West dispensaries, such as Ca...

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"Where Can You Use Marijuana In Colorado?"

Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, there are certain things you should know before visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary in Pueblo West, such as Cannasseur Pueblo West. There are specific listed laws and policies for the state, univ...

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The Benefits Of Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana can be found in different forms, each with its benefits. However, for safety, you should use marijuana under the supervision of a cannabis dispensary in Pueblo West, such as Cannasseur Pueblo West. The drug contains some chemicals, namely CBD and THD...

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"What License You Should Check For In A Marijuana Dispensary"

Most businesses and service providers are subject to various permit, licensing, and registration requirements. The cannabis industry is strictly regulated and therefore complicates its licensing. It is vital to purchase cannabis from ...

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"Factors To Consider When Selecting A Cannabis Dispensary"

As states legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana, so does the number of marijuana dispensaries increase. Since legalization, there are thousands of dispensaries in Pueblo West, such as Cannasseur Pueblo West, so how do you find th...

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"Choosing The Right Marijuana Products"

When you are looking for marijuana products, odds are you’re facing a wide range of products available in the market. If you are a new user, it may be challenging to determine what’s best for you. It is often advisable to consult with one of the pueblo Wes...

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a week ago
Absolutely love the people, and the atmosphere... Plus they have super dank Rec goodies for adults... when I say dank I mean like super dank... as in "Wheres the chipsand soda?? Wait, what was I doing again? Oh yeah! Writing a google maps review!" That's how good Cannasseur stuff is.
- Prospector M
6 months ago
Wide selection of products & brands including: flower, concentrates, edibles, and accessories. Staff is informative and helpful. Great prices without losing Quality. Specials everyday offer sales, discounts, blow-outs, and much more! See a marijuana plant grow at Cannasseur Pueblo West. You can see how Cannasseur Pueblo West grows their plants through a Viewing window into their grow room.
- Joshua D
6 months ago
Awesome, awesome, awesome. This place is worth the extra 15 minute drive. They have tons of in-house selections at very reasonable prices. Its easy to pick up an ounce bag for $100 or less. Best every day prices on cartridges and concentrates, and even better prices on their specials day. Wednesday each week is choose your own deal day. Can it get cooler? Yes. They have a giant picture window where you can see over 300 of their plants growing. It was so fun going down there every other week and seeing the progress of the girls.

Smoking Weed is Good For You?

As much as the use of weed is a polarizing topic, there have been scientifically proven benefits of cannabis. Getting high on weed can result in a myriad of health advantages. Research has shown that the use of weed can help in boosting energy, improve mood, and even provide relief from some ailments. If you’re looking for other reasons to get high on the regular, here some of the advantages of getting lit.

Marijuana Can Help Unlock Creative Potential

A recent study done by Psychology Today found out that the use of cannabis triggers psychotomimetic symptoms. This makes it easy for users to connect ideas or abstract concepts that aren’t necessarily related. The line of thought is crucial for unlocking our creative potential. If you’re suffering from a creative block, you should start looking for a Pueblo West dispensary so that the creative juices can start flowing.

Stay Calm and Collected

According to research that was conducted by Science Direct, Swiss inmates that smoked marijuana on a regular basis were likely to be calm and less stressed compared to those that don’t smoke. It also found out that the use of marijuana reduced instances of violence as it acted as a social pacifier. They don’t call it the “peace pipe” for no good reason.

Great Social Icebreaker

Weed is the ultimate icebreaker as it can help in getting rid of social anxiety. When you spark up, you’re more likely to be open to others as opposed to keeping to yourself.  If you’ve been smoking for a while, you’re well aware that there is no better way to spend a Friday night than hotboxing in your car or basement while having a good laugh.

No Hangovers

A night of heavy drinking could leave you feeling miserable the next morning. When you smoke weed, you don’t have to worry about acute hangovers. You can get high with the crew and still wake up the next morning feeling fresh and energized.

Food Tastes Better

If there is a good reason why you should be searching for Pueblo West dispensaries, it is because weed makes food taste a million times better. There is a heightened use of all the senses in the body which makes food appear more appetizing.

Boost Energy

There is a common misconception that the use of marijuana makes someone lazy.  Admittedly, there are some strains that will turn you into a couch potato. That is why you should be doing research on the different strains whenever you’re searching for a Pueblo West recreational dispensary. A small dose of marijuana can help in maintaining efficiency levels while staying focused at the same time.

Better Sleep

It is no secret that weed can help you relax and unwind. There are people that smoke weed before bedtime to help with sleep. Marijuana has also been known to disturb sleeping cycles which can help in preventing nightmares. We hope you’re still not on the fence when it comes to the use of cannabis.

Cannasseur Pueblo West
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Cannasseur Pueblo West is the best Cannabis store in Pueblo West and they deliver all over Colorado.

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